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Disbursement Options with Refund Transfers with or without an Easy Advance:

  •  Bank Checks
  •  ACH Direct Deposit
  •  NetSpend Visa ® Prepaid Card
  •  Walmart Direct2Cash
Refund Options

Audit Protection

​​​"because tax preparation is only 1 step in your financial portfolio"

Two Words:                                        Audit Assistance.

More than Two Words:

Protection Plus Audit Assistance offers more services and benefits for both the taxpayer and the tax professional than any other audit assistance company. We go beyond IRS audits and include provisions for denied credits, assistance with ITIN rejections and resolutions for taxpayer debts, liens and garnishments.

Unique Coverage

Protection Plus Audit Assistance reaches out in ways other audit assistance plans do not. When credits, such as EIC, Child Tax Credit and Education Credit are denied, Protection Plus will assist clients even if the return is yet unfunded by the IRS. In addition, the Protection Plus Audit Assistance plan includes Schedule A, Schedule C and Schedule E for example, at no additional charge.

Credit Restoration :

Remove inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete information from your credit file by disputing derogatory items that may currently be hindering your financial opportunities.

Filing Options

Easy Advance Loan

Restore Your Score!

Your credit score is a major factor in any of your large financial investments: credit and loan approval, interest rates, the amount of down payment or mortgage type on your home, your premium on you auto and homeowners insurances, your ability to lease or purchase a vehicle and now it has even become a deciding factor in job qualification! There is no room for error!

​​​Tax Time Financial Solutions


With EPS Financial  Bank Products.

The Easy Advance  is up to a $1200 loan secured by a taxpayer's refund; received in less than *24 hours!

Ended February 29th 2016

Paper Return - 6-8 weeks

E-File - 3-4 weeks

Direct Deposit - 10-14 days

Refund Transfer:

  • No Out of Pocket Expense
  • Easy Advance FREE Loan
  • Fastest, Safest & Convenient Method 


Need a healthcare exemption

due to a hardship? 

We will help you file the paperwork at no cost! That's right, FREE!


Positive Credit Builder:

An analysis of your personal credit score, including an extensive credit library full of tips, financial calculators and insight to help you build up your credit score.

​​Tax Time Credit Repair