Disbursement Options with Refund Transfers with or without an Easy Advance:

  •  Bank Checks
  •  ACH Direct Deposit
  •  NetSpend Visa ® Prepaid Card
Refund Options
Easy Advance Loan


Paper Return - 6-8 weeks

E-File - 3-4 weeks

Direct Deposit - 10-14 days

Refund Transfer:

  • No Out of Pocket Expense
  • Easy Advance FREE Loan
  • Fastest, Safest & Convenient Method 

Filing Options


With EPS Financial  Bank Products.

The Easy Advance  is up to a $6,000 secured by a taxpayer's refund; received in less than *24 hours!

Ended February 28th 2019

​Need a healthcare exemption

due to a hardship? 

We will help you file the paperwork at no cost! That's right, FREE!